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Brand:Мясо и Артель
Country of manufacture:Russia
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Welcome to the website of the producer of a salami Cacciatore - pork dry-cured sausage.

You can obtain all detailed information on production on phone numbers:

+7 (499) 3940222, +7 (906) 1836100, +7 (926) 1890922.

Delivery on all regions of the Russian Federation.

Cash and clearing settlement.

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The dry-cured salami prepared according to the Italian recipe in a natural white mold.

Structure: pork, salted pork fat, black pepper, dextrose, sucrose, salt.

Weight: 200 g - 400 g

Nutrition value on 100 g of a product: proteins of 25,7 g; fats of 28,4 g

Power value: 343 Kcal / 1425 kJ

Expiration date: at t 0+6 C - 60 days, at t-18 C - 180 days, after opening - no more than 72 h within an expiration date.

Price: 1000 r for 1 kg

TU 9213-004-0185818072-2016

Kachiatore's (Cacciatore) salami.

Its name is translated as "hunter". It is connected with tradition of people to take on hunting of a salami of a dlyaperekus.

Sausage differs from other grades in rich history. Product form cylindrical. 350 g weigh on average.

The texture is dense, not elastic.

Cut ruby-red with evenly distributed fat grains.

Delicate aroma, taste sweet and gentle without sourness. The minimum time of maturing - 10 days.

Eat with Kachiatore with unsalted bread, supplement with it good sparkling wine, cheeses, fruit and vegetables.

Brand:Мясо и Артель
Country of manufacture:Russia
The method of preparation:Raw-cured
Information is up-to-date: 27.10.2020
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