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Lomo pork dry-cured carbonade

Lomo pork dry-cured carbonade
  • Lomo pork dry-cured carbonade
  • Lomo pork dry-cured carbonade
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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Pork dry-cured carbonade of Lomo from the producer.

You can obtain all detailed information on production on phone numbers:

+7 (499) 3940222, +7 (906) 1836100, +7 (926) 1890922.

Delivery on all regions of the Russian Federation.

Cash and clearing settlement.

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The dry-cured pork carbonate prepared according to the Spanish recipe.

Structure: pork, salt, juice of a lemon, spice.

Weight: 500 - 1500

Nutrition value on 100 g of a product: proteins of 31,1 g; fats of 30,2 g

Power value: 399kkal/1668 kJ

Expiration date: at t 0+6 C - 60 days, at t-18 C - 180 days, after opening - no more than 72 h within an expiration date.

Price: 1100 r for 1 kg

TU 9213-004-0185818072-2016

Lomo (Lomo) pork dry-cured carbonade.

Lomo - the most noble of the meat products received from pork in Spain. The word of "scrap" is translated as "the ridge, a back part of ink".

In Lomo's production the carbonade which is completely peeled of fat is used. Within one or two days he is stood at a temperature below 3 degrees.

Pickle within two days with salt, red pepper and other spices and seasonings, such as garlic and a marjoram later. Then the received product is packaged in natural packing (gut), and dried in special dryers within 3-4 months.

Lomo's color outside light-red, and inside bright red. Meat of this product has uniform texture, a delicate taste and pleasant aroma.

Most often this moves a product, gentle with spiciness and saturated aroma, as a part of meat allsorts. Fresh vegetables, olives, home-made bread and olive oil can be good addition to it.

Combination of the Spanish centuries-old traditions to the latest European technologies allow Spain to create unique and unique taste of sausages which is so highly appreciated around the world.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 26.10.2020
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