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Spanish dry-cured sausage

Spanish dry-cured sausage
  • Spanish dry-cured sausage
  • Spanish dry-cured sausage
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Our enterprise is engaged in production of elite dry-cured production, including in a natural white mold (penincillium).

The combination of ancient traditions to the latest technologies allows to create unique and unique taste of sausages.

Distinctive feature of our production is the combination of natural structure and long term of maturing in the climatic camera (of several months before half a year).

Quality control is exercised by the certified laboratory.

Catalog of our production:

1. Salamis Attacked (Napoli) pork dry-cured sausage.

2. Milano's (Milano) salami pork dry-cured sausage.

3. Bresaola (Brezaola) dry-cured beef sirloin.

4. Lomo (Lomo) pork dry-cured carbonade.

5. Felino's (Felino) salami pork dry-cured sausage.

6. Kachiatore's (Cacciatore) salami pork dry-cured sausage.

7. Pancetta (Pancetta) dry-cured pork brisket.

8. Salami of Fuet (Fuet) pork dry-cured sausage.

9. Chorizo's (Chorizo) salami pork dry-cured sausage.

10. Coppa (Kopp) dry-cured pork neck.

11. Sopressat's (Soppressata) salami pork dry-cured sausage.

12. Salami Hungarian (Ungherese) pork dry-cured sausage.

13. Proshutto dry-cured pork gammon.

14. Nostrano's salami pork dry-cured.

15. Salami Salchichon pork dry-cured sausage.

The full package of documents is given for all production.

You can obtain all detailed information on production on phone numbers:

+7 (499) 3940222, +7 (906) 1836100, +7 (926) 1890922.

- Delivery on all regions of the Russian Federation.
- Cash and clearing settlement.
- Full package of documents

Information is up-to-date: 12.11.2021

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